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Getting inspired and creating is the most rewarding part of the design process.

Bali's abundant nature, mystical energy and colors are overwhelming and inspire you. We are always proud to share this experience with Balinese artisans in a manner that allows us to experience and interweave Balinese culture in the creation of our products.

Here in the Island of God we had the pleasure to meet an Italian designer who shares our vision, more precisely in the area of Kaba Kaba, where KABA lamps where conceived as a sort of tribute to this village, where time seems to have stopped.

 Kaba lamp

KABA lamps are handcrafted and made of an iron frame woven with organic cotton yarn.

Each lamp is unique and hand-woven individually - one by one, it is a process that takes time - but it is absolutely worth it. The idea of making products that take such a long time is in total contrast with today's trend of having everything quickly and mass produced. Assembling each lamp is a sort of meditation that enhances the concept of slow living.

The shape of the frame and the color combinations are emblematic of past, simpler times and lend a laid back atmosphere to any room.

The process of creation opens up infinite variation, playing with different colors and shapes.

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