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Groundswell - Hong Kong

Groundswell is a haven where surf enthusiasts can indulge in their passion while savoring exceptional cuisine and cocktails, creating the ultimate experience in an ambiance that truly captivates.

We are thrilled to have been integral to the realization of this remarkable project by realizing the statement lampshade hanging over the restaurant bar.
The bespoke lampshade was crafted to resemble gentle waves evoking a sense of fluidity and natural movement above the bar, therefore creating a dynamic and inviting atmosphere.

With careful attention to detail, we executed the client's vision by crafting a custom lampshade measuring 4 meters by 6 meters by 1.3 meters Using 3D design, we addressed technical challenges such as developing a hanging system suitable for a venue with a 10-meter-high ceiling and dividing the lampshade into four into four segments for streamlined transportation.

Furthermore, we meticulously integrated all requisite apertures and incorporated an internal rail to accommodate the lighting system, consisting of 2 LED strips and 18 spotlights. Prior to commencing production, we conducted a comprehensive mock-up phase to secure the client's approval regarding the pattern and color palette. To ensure steadfast support, we engineered bespoke stainless steel hooks capable of bearing weights of up to 300kg, thereby guaranteeing the lampshade's structural integrity.

Constructed from a robust iron framework enveloped in 8mm thick rattan, the lampshade exudes both resilience and aesthetic allure.

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