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Boho has come a long way from the swaying mud covered hippies of the 60s and 70s and after becoming a staple in fashion has now become a classic in homeware.
Initially a preserve of the jet set, nomadic traveller and well heeled, with their brassware and carvings from the Middle East, carpets from Mexico, mismatching Goa fabric cushions, African beads, Moroccan tiles and lamps and hand woven baskets from well, everywhere it has now spread into your next door neighbours holiday house.

bohemian home decor

Bohemian homes are artistic in their lack of rigid order, there is no black and white minimalism here. It is a celebration of global culture, a testament to travel and open-mindedness and the capacity to find beauty anywhere. A collection of cultures and colours and textures.
Boho accents are embellished, hand woven, embroidered with the celebration of tribalism and laborious in detail, made from local materials and visually representative of the aesthetic culture which they developed in.  

Our collection is developed alongside native artisans using locally sourced and sustainable materials that have been traditionally worked with for generations. Rattan, raffia and jute are all environmentally friendly and locally sourced and grown in Indonesia. 

We stock handmade twisted bamboo and rattan lampshades like the ones which swung in the sea breeze on the terrace of that hotel in Bali the last time you slept in the hammock, minus the geckos.

Seagrass and banana bark woven baskets recall the rustling grass roofs native to tropical isles and are perfect for storing and organizing clutter.   

Macrame hammocks and swing chairs in clean cream shades are a perfect relaxing addition to beautify any porch and we have a large variety of hand woven cushion covers to cozy up any room.

Crocheted wall hangings that drape from driftwood in warm cream can soften a cold room and add a sense of calm and comfort.

Mirrors framed by bamboo will add a touch of tropical and lighten up a dark spot or hallway whilst maintaining a warm natural feel.

We suggest stone accents for the bathroom to remind you of those outdoor showers with the fat succulent palm leaves and volcanic stone floors.

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