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Villa Yada - Bali

This villa renovation was a comprehensive transformation that rejuvenated every aspect of the property, combining both structural enhancements and exquisite interior design to breathe new life into the space. The renovation process began with essential structural work, ensuring the villa's foundation was sturdy and safe.

Once the structural improvements were complete, the interior design phase unfolded, infusing the villa with a captivating blend of elegance and natural charm.

A standout feature of this renovation are the custom-made teak wood furniture, crafted to perfection and seamlessly integrated into the living spaces, adding warmth and sophistication to the surroundings. The bathrooms were adorned with natural stone accessories, providing a luxurious and earthy ambiance.

To complete the villa's aesthetic, home decor items made from natural materials were tastefully added, harmonizing the living spaces with the surrounding environment. The villa's interior design embraces the tropical paradise with home decor items woven from natural fibers such as rattan, water hyacinth and seagrass to name a few, infusing warmth and texture throughout.

As you step into this enchanting space, you'll be immersed in a haven of serenity and sophistication, where every corner reflects Bali's natural beauty and cultural heritage, all while enjoying the utmost comfort and style.

view to pool and living room
Open kitchen and living room

Spfa and coffee tableKitchenDining table and wall decorDining table and textureBedroom 1Bathroom 1Bedroom 2Bathroom 2Toilet and bedroom 3Rattan ChairFolding chair and pool

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