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Tools and tips to promote and start earning


Choosing the correct promotional strategies is key for a successful affiliate marketer, along with selecting the right products that better match with your targeted audience.

Those are some marketing activities you should undertake as an influencer or blogger who wants to monetize their social or website presence.


Affiliate posts on social media is one of the most popular way to monetize for an affiliate marketer whether you are on Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter. However, be sure to balance the promotional and non-promotional posts in your page contents to avoid looking to salesy. Organic social posts are the most effective strategy of digital marketing, you can talk about your favourite products with a swipe up link that your viewers can use to buy the item with your affiliate link.

Nowadays Instagram stories have also the best outreach, you can add affiliate links here. Keep in mind that stories are only visible for 24hours, you can save them to your highlights icons if you want your audience to have access to your story’s contents at any time.

There a many type of contents you can talk about with your audience; you can inform your followers about new products/collections, flash and seasonal sales, talk about a certain décor style, suggest products based on general interest and discover what they like most in order to create a special bond with your followers. If you have bought a product from Joglo Living you can share a product review with an affiliate link, show how you style our products or make a video or a slideshow of the installation process. The possibilities are endless. You can also increase your reach with the correct hashtags and tag @jogloliving to maximize your reach.  


If you own a blog or a website, your articles are read by an audience that is interested about your insights and love to read about your honest product reviews and suggestions – this is a great starting point for promoting your affiliate links.

There are multiple ways to monetize your articles by adding images and banners with a directing affiliate link, embedding a video with your affiliate link or simply adding links at the end or within the articles. Inform your audience about the advantages and benefit of a certain product and how it has helped solve a certain problem.


Your email subscribers are people that are interested to read your contents and ideas, promoting your affiliate links to certain products or collections will maximize the exposure of your affiliate links.

There are different ways of promoting your affiliate links via newsletters and emails. You can write contents that centre around that specific link or write in a more organically way talking about a more general subject. As highlighted earlier the content type can vary from a specific home décor subject, a product or a seasonal interest as well as time sensitive information such as a launch of a new product or a flash sale.