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What is an affiliate program


Affiliate marketing is a process by which an affiliate or ambassador of a brand earns commissions following result-driven accomplished actions taken by the final user. The affiliate person promotes the brand via digital marketing activities and the brand pays commissions to the affiliate person based on results, normally sales.


Anyone that can promote a product can become an affiliate; however the program is mostly related to influencers, bloggers, industry professionals and marketplace owners. The brand provides affiliates with a link that needs to be shared and will detect and track every sales generate by the affiliate.


Affiliates have multiple ways of promoting products and generating sales;  being creative with appealing contents can be done via social media, articles and blogs and email marketing.

  • Social Media

Affiliates can share contents on social media for their followers whether those are re-post pictures or reels or newly created videos and banners.  The most effective way is to share the affiliate link on the page bio and in each related post. Pictures from our website can be used as long as Joglo Living is tagged and it is mentioned that the pictures belongs to the brand.

  • Articles and blogs

If you own a blog page or a website, creating appealing articles related to the brand, the product or to the subject (home décor, lampshades, wall décor, mirrors and so on…)  is a great if not the best advertising strategy to generate sales. The affiliate can create tailored detailed content for a specific product or collection they want to promote highlighting the benefits and adding a direct link to the article. Banners have a huge impact for this particular advertising strategy as they create the eye-catching visual impression that can help to drive more sales.  

  • E-mails

Affiliates can reach their audience also via email to inform about a certain product they might be interested in. This particular strategy can be very effective also for industry professionals such as interior designers wanting to promote specific products for their projects.